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Cristina Elvezio


Salon redux • to bring back • to revive

With over a 15 years of experience and producing extraordinary looks for each client, Cristina currently offers full services ranging from haircuts & color to professional bridal parties. Salon Redux is considered Merrick’s most cherished salon emerging from Cristina’s deep venture into the fashion and beauty world since high school, and her younger years spending time in a relatives salon.

Since opening Redux in 2016, Cristina capitalizes on the hottest trends to keep you looking fabulous all year round. As a licensced cosmetologist at Salon Redux, Cristina’s goal is to create everlasting relationships with every client, meeting their needs and giving the best transformation look. Cristina is truly committed to creating unforgettable experiences for her clients using the safest, the most effective and highest quality products available in the market, while creating a spa like vibe.

Cristinas eclectic beautique shop offers hand-made repurposed designer canvas that are made into brand new accessories. You'll also find a wide variety of unique, hand-picked accessories and designer inspired accessories.